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Bruno Mars is one of the hottest stars on the planet. When his 24K Magic tour pulls into town, you can be there in person, or hear about it like yesterday’s news. The difference is all in the planning. And planning to buy tickets can be frustrating unless you use a world class ticket broker like StubHub. You can ease that frustration when you take advantage of a StubHub Groupon to reserve tickets to his 24k Magic World Tour long before it reaches your city. That’s because concert tickets and other events – including next season’s pro football games, are being carried by StubHub. Not only students but busy adults can benefit from having StubHub perform the task of getting tickets set aside to see that show or concert they have been dreaming of attending.

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When you’re a college student on a tight schedule or budget, getting tickets to major events scheduled to take place in your home town during holidays and vacations is not always at the top of your list. It is hard to remember to get tickets for major events like concerts, theater shows and sports events when you’ve got to juggle work, classes, and term projects.  The problem is even harder for students who often don’t learn of an event in sufficient time to make reservations.

You can avoid this problem with  The genius of the site is that they curate the events happening in your area, and present them in chronological order so you can avoid schedule conflicts. They offer seats at nearly every entertainment event from concerts to sports contests, and from local movies to Broadway musicals.  And it’s so easy to use you just call up the site on a tablet, PC or smartphone and finds the events you want to attend, then pick your seats and pay using a major credit card.  The entire transaction is done online.  The customer can have the tickets held for them at the ticket window or sent by mail.   Doing this electronically relieves customers of concerns over funds being lost in the transaction.  At the same time purchases can be made for events scheduled well in advance. A student preparing for spring finals at Oxford in England can use a Groupon to confirm seats at the Rose Bowl game coming up on New Years’ Day in Pasadena, CA.  How convenient is that!

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